Chase the Ace winner takes home over $8M

After 48 weeks, the Chase the Ace in northern New Brunswick has come to a close.

Many people in the region had their eyes glued to a 9 p.m. Facebook livestream as another person had a chance to win what is believed to be the largest jackpot of its kind in the country.

Danny and Murielle Robbins from Beresford, N.B., were the lucky winners.

Upon receiving the call from organizers notifying the couple of their win, Danny had the chance to choose among five envelopes containing cards. He selected number two, for their son’s birthday.

Inside that envelope was the elusive ace of hearts, which meant the couple had won the $8,224,080 jackpot.

Danny says his wife, Murielle, is retired, but he still works for a courier company, with 35 years of service.

When asked what they will do with the money, Danny responded, “I don’t know right now. We’re four on the ticket, my youngest and his girlfriend, and me, my wife.” 

“I’m still in shock for sure,” he added. 

The Petit-Rocher Chase The Ace began in February 2023, which has allowed the jackpot to grow to such a size.

With only five cards left in the deck, there was a 20 per cent chance of pulling the ace.

Tickets were only sold in New Brunswick, but with so much money up for grabs, people were crossing borders to get their tickets.

“We met people last week from P.E.I. that came in to buy tickets. We met people from Halifax that came in to buy tickets. We had one couple that I know who came from Bangor, Marine, to buy tickets,” co-organizer Rene Beaudet told CTV News in an interview last week.

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With files from CTV’s Sarah Plowman.

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