James Cameron invested as companion of Order of Canada at ceremony in Ottawa

Ontario-born filmmaker James Cameron attended a ceremony at Rideau Hall Thursday recognizing his appointment as a companion of the Order of Canada.

Cameron is the director of many of the biggest blockbusters of all time, including Titanic, Avatar, and The Terminator

WATCH | James Cameron appointed as companion of the Order of Canada:

James Cameron appointed as companion of the Order of Canada

James Cameron, director of such films as Titanic, Avatar and Terminator, was appointed as a companion of the Order of Canada on Thursday.

Some people might now know Cameron has a connection to Saskatchewan. He spoke about it in 2022 on the SmartLess podcast.

“We have a couple of businesses in Saskatchewan. So I mostly get back to Canada to work on that stuff,”  Cameron said on the podcast.

“We grow yellow peas and fava beans and lentils … and we built a factory there for plant-based protein.”

Cameron appeared in the province in 2017 to announce Verdient Foods, a facility to process organic pea protein.

Saskatoon pop culture commentator Craig Silliphant said he’s not surprised by Cameron’s appointment.

“He’s made his mark, not only on Hollywood in an entertainment sense, but I think more impactful things in the world. Especially, you know, food production and stuff like that,” Silliphant said.

“I think it’s well deserved.”

WATCH | Why do we care so much about celebs having local connections? 

Why do we care so much about celebs having local connections?

Filmmaker James Cameron is now a member of the Order of Canada and attended the special ceremony at Rideau Hall. It is well known he was born in Ontario but what might be a surprise to some is the Order of Canada citation suggesting he was also connected to Saskatoon. Local pop culture commentator Craig Silliphant says we take pride in knowing a celebrity has connections to the province, no matter how tenuous they may be.

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He said aside from being a famous director, Cameron is a pioneer in new technology and has a lot of resources that he isn’t afraid to pour into what he believes in. He said it’s a testament to the province to have someone like Cameron investing and seeing value in coming here.

“He and his wife, you know, they eat plant-based and not meat. So they wanted to invest in businesses like this and they have, I think it started with like organic pea processing plant in the province,” Silliphant said.

Cameron was not available for an interview Thursday.

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