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Nova Scotia’s massive snowfall — from your perspective

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Dramatic videos shot inside the storm spread on social media.

Dramatic videos shot inside the storm spread on social media

Drone footage captured storm-covered Cape Breton. (adamhillphoto/Instagram)

Excavating for cars buried under heaps of snow

In Cape Breton, where as much as 150 centimetres of snow fell between Friday and Monday — and that doesn’t include the massive snowdrifts that formed, much time was spent freeing vehicles from their icy prisons.

Cape Breton residents dig out their cars, doorways and roofs

Watch what some residents are dealing with after historic snowfall in Cape Breton.

Digging out of the snow … through a window

You know it was a lot of snow when you find yourself shoveling through a window. Such was the case in Cape Breton

The snow in Cape Breton is so deep, this person had to climb out a window to start digging

This video, shot in Sydney, N.S., shows a farm inundated by snow. Parts of the Sydney area saw 150 centimetres fall over the weekend.

A ‘snow’ bird’s eye view 

Drone footage captures people clearing their driveways and vehicles covered in snow.

Drone footage of Sydney Mines, N.S. after historic snowfall

Cape Breton Regional Municipality is under a local state of emergency, and residents urged to stay off roads after several says of snowfall and strong winds.

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