P.E.I. news: Canada Post highlights lighthouse

The mighty Restigouche River, a New Brunswick gem, is one of two Maritime places to receive their own stamp as part of Canada Post’s From Far and Wide series, which highlights the country’s natural beauty and cultural landscapes.

Prince Edward Island’s Point Prim Lighthouse — one of just three round, brick lighthouses in the country, and the first built on P.E.I. — was the other location to receive the honour.

“First and foremost, all those years ago, it saved a lot of lives, which is important no matter which way you look at it,” said Kim Couling, lighthouse manager.

This isn’t the first time the historic lighthouse has been recognized. It was featured on last year’s coin, minted for the 150th anniversary of P.E.I. joining Canada.

The Restigouche River in New Brunswick is highlighted on a stamp. (Source: Canada Post)Despite sparkling in silver, the real thing is even more striking, offering a panoramic view of the ocean from the top.

The lighthouse means a lot to the people who live there, like the granddaughter of the lighthouse’s longest serving keeper.

“Oh, it’s just amazing,” said Cathy Murchison Krolikowski, who also operates the nearby Kro in the Skye Art Studio. “I don’t think back in the day he would have ever imagined that would happen.”

With modern marine navigation, lighthouses like Point Prim are becoming a thing of the past, but they have begun to take on a second life as tourist attractions and living art.

“As an artist you depict the things that are important to you, and the things that are around you,” said Murchison Krolikowski. “That’s such an integral part of where I live.”

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