Ryan Reynolds was in the audience of The View Monday. Here’s why.

Ryan Reynolds’ mom Tammy set the PVR at her Vancouver home to record The View before she even knew she would appear on Monday’s episode with her superstar son.

About halfway through the popular daytime talk show, host Whoopi Goldberg told viewers that she’d spotted the B.C.-born Deadpool star in the studio audience – and it didn’t take long to figure out why.

“My mom is here visiting her grandkids, and yesterday she told me it’s her dream to go to The View,” Reynolds said before making a sarcastic quip about why he made sure to give his mom what she wanted.

“I try to do what she says, because you don’t know what she’s capable of – unspeakable violence my whole life,” he said, while his mom laughed and jokingly put her dukes up at the camera.

Tammy told the co-hosts that she watches the show every day.

“Right now it’s being recorded,” she said before telling the panel that she lives in Vancouver.

“Oh I didn’t know that,” Reynolds, who is known for his hometown pride and enduring connection to the city, joked.

During the exchange with the co-hosts Reynolds also joked that he had to drop his wife’s name in order to get he and his mom seats in the audience.

“We made a call, I said ‘I’m Blake (Lively’s) husband. Does that get us a little farther?'” he said. “And here we are.” 

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