Baha Men lead singer releases new single

Dyson Knight may look like an average college student, but since 2004, he’s actually been a member of the internationally acclaimed Baha Men.

The group is best known for their Grammy Award-winning song “Who Let the Dogs Out?”

“My most epic experience with the Baha Men would have been in Mexico, we performed for 170,000 people,” Dyson Knight told CTV’s Katie Kelly in an interview on Monday.

In September 2023, Dyson left the tropical Bahamas for windy Halifax and enrolled in the “Music Production and Engineering Program” at the Nova Scotia Community College (NSCC).

“I wanted to bring, or at least learn, the science behind what was happening sonically so that our music can step up a bit,” he said.

Knight said he chose to move to Halifax so could be closer to his children.

“I have kids in Halifax. They moved here seven years ago.”

The school, classmates, and instructors have been fantastic, Knight adds.

“Mike Ryan is a genius, he designed this room that we’re in,” he said.

Knight’s team recently won the programs annual “Producer Challenge” for their song “Feeling the Magic,” an upbeat funk-disco track.

“It’s literally five days you have to write and record a song and then it’s judged by industry professionals in the area,” said Knight. “I feel great, feel great about it, ‘Feeling the Magic’ is doing a lot for me.”

Knight said he is excited for what the future holds.

“I want to make the band from all angles even more known because people do know ‘Who Let the Dogs Out’ they know the song, but they don’t know the Baha Men,” he said.

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“Feeling the Magic” by Dyson Knight is now on streaming platforms. He also has a new song with the Baha Men called “Smile” coming out on May 5.

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