Manitoba weddings with personal touches

From Star Wars costumes to mashed potato bars to mid-week soirees, Manitoba couples are finding ways to personalize their weddings in new and creative ways.

One of these brides is Kelsey Brousseau.

She said when picking out a date for her wedding, her then-fiancé Kevin Cady loved the idea of May 4, as the date has been informally dubbed ‘Star Wars Day’ and the pair are major fans of the franchise.

Unfortunately, that date did not work for the couple’s family, so they ended up picking a day in June for their big wedding. However, they still found a creative solution to ensure a May 4 anniversary.

“We ended up just eloping on May 4, just so we have that date as an anniversary,” Brousseau said.

“So I’m technically planning two weddings.”

The Star Wars theme didn’t just stop at the date. During the elopement at Assiniboine Park, Brousseau, Cady and some family members donned Star Wars costumes for pictures, including Storm Trooper, Mandalorian and Darth Vader helmets. A local comic book store also lent them some items.

“We had a giant cardboard R2-D2 on wheels,” Brousseau said.

“Kevin also had some cardboard cutouts of a Storm Trooper and I think a Mandalorian.”

Brousseau and Cady are still having a larger, more traditional wedding at the end of the month, but plan to bring in some Star Wars touches.

“I count myself very lucky for the elopement and the wedding,” she said.

Another Manitoba bride who is making her wedding her own is Larissa Mannhart.

Mannhart’s wedding this summer in Libau, Man., will feature several DIY elements, including cocktail tables, flower arrangements, yard games and a mashed potato bar.

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She said she’s also adding personal touches, such as displaying pictures of her family and renting items from her local community centre. She’s also holding her wedding at her home.

She said she recommends finding ways to cut some costs.

“Weddings get expensive very fast and if you can DIY or cut down on some costs, do it,” she said.

Cost saving measures

For any Manitoba brides and grooms who are looking to save a bit of money, Allison Polinsky, owner of Alli Mae Events, has some ideas.

She said one thing she’s seeing is people opting to go without a wedding party.

“People don’t realize, but wedding parties are quite costly,” she said.

“Between hair and makeup, transportation, bouquets and snacks and feeding them throughout the day…a lot of people are preferring to just keep it to just them and maybe some siblings and close friends getting hair and makeup done.”

Polinsky said some other ways people can save money are to reduce your guest list, digital invitations and getting married in a less popular season.

“I think it’s just approaching things with an open mind,” she said. “Listen to the wedding professionals that you’ve hired.”

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