Met Gala deepfake fooled Katy Perry’s mom

Katy Perry did not attend the Met Gala on Monday, but some of the singer’s fans – and even her mom – thought she did.

Pictures of the singer seemingly taken at the event circulated on X, but they were created through artificial intelligence (AI).

The fake photos included Perry dressed in looks that fit the Met Gala’s garden theme this year.

Perry reposted the AI-created pictures on her own Instagram.

“Couldn’t make it to the MET, had to work,” she wrote.

Perry also included a text from her mom, who complimented her on her gown.

Her mom wrote, “Ha Feather! Didn’t know you went to the Met. What a gorgeous gown. You look like the Rose Parade, you are your own float lol.”

Perry wrote back, “lol mom the AI got you too, BEWARE!”

Perry has worn over-the-top Met Gala looks in the past, including an appearance in 2019 when she dressed as a chandelier.


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