Missing trucker’s body found in rig in N.L., after remains missed during Ontario police search

The remains of a Newfoundland trucker who went missing in Ontario two weeks ago were found in the back of his truck’s trailer in his home province, even though his rig was a key piece of evidence in the search and the place where he was last seen.

The Ontario Provincial Police confirmed Tuesday that Brian Lush’s body was recovered inside the truck’s trailer in Port aux Basques, N.L., after its return from Ontario.

On Monday, the OPP had only said that Lush had been found dead. A press release did not disclose where. 

Lush, who lived in the western Newfoundland town of Stephenville, had last been seen close to his truck in Summerstown, Ont., on April 24, on his way home to Newfoundland.

The OPP refused to answer questions from CBC News about whether police thoroughly searched the truck and trailer before sending it back to the truck’s owner in Newfoundland, and if so, how investigators could have missed Lush’s remains inside it.

WATCH | CBC’s Colleen Connors reports on a development in the case of a missing trucker that raises more questions:

The remains of Brian Lush discovered in his truck’s trailer — after it got back from Ontario

Questions are swirling over the discovery of the body of Brian Lush, who went missing in Ontario two weeks ago. It was only when the truck returned to Newfoundland that his remains were found in the back of the trailer. The Ontario Provincial Police had previously said Lush had been found dead but did not disclose where. The CBC’s Colleen Connors reports.

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“We are conducting a review and those details will be shared with the family,” the provincial police force said in an email.

“As there was no foul play, this is now a coroner’s investigation.”

The OPP says it will “review the processes involved in the search” and remain in contact with Lush’s family.

The RCMP said in statement late Tuesday afternoon that its officers had found Lush’s remains inside the trailer in Port aux Basques, and confirmed it did not suspect foul play.

Full-throttle probe into whereabouts: OPP

The 51-year-old’s truck had been found at the gas station where he was last seen, his keys and belongings still inside.

“On surveillance video, right after 4:30 p.m., we see him get out of his truck, he walks around the front of the truck and then he walks out of camera range,” Bill Dickson, media relations co-ordinator of the Ontario Provincial Police’s East Region, told CBC News last week.

“He was never seen again, as far as we know.” 

Lush’s family told CBC News at the time it was “highly unusual” for Lush to walk away from his rig.

The OPP said they had been “assigning as many resources as possible,” including search and rescue, helicopters, drones and dog teams, to the investigation.

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