Baby in the morning, game-winner in the evening, Bruins’s Carlo has big playoff day

For the rest of his life, Crew Corbett Carlo can celebrate his birthday with the knowledge on the day he was born his father scored a playoff goal.

It’s a memory Brandon Carlo will never forget.

The Boston defenceman wasn’t with his team Monday morning for an excellent reason — his wife Mayson was giving birth to their son, their second child, around 3 a.m. A private jet ride and nap at 40,000 feet later, Carlo got to the rink in time to score a goal and help the Bruins beat the Florida Panthers 5-1.

“So thankful,” Carlo said. “So proud of my wife as well.”

The goal and Game 1 win over the Panthers capped a wild 48 hours for Carlo. He had an assist on David Pastrnak’s series-winning goal that beat Toronto 2-1 in overtime of Game 7 of that Round 1 matchup on Saturday night.

After that Game 7 win, Carlo learned that his wife was headed to the hospital to deliver their son. They waited throughout the day on Sunday, Crew apparently unaware that his dad had a game to deal with as well.

“We sped it up as fast as we could,” Carlo said. “We were flippin’ her around, putting her upside down, whatever we could do to get that baby out of there.”

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Early Monday morning, doctors decided it was time and Crew was born about 30 minutes later. Carlo landed in South Florida around 5:30 p.m., got to the rink after the rest of his teammates, was in the lineup for the 8 p.m. game and the goal he scored seemed fitting in one very key way.

It was assisted by Charlie Coyle — so it was C.C. setting up a goal by C.C.C.’s new dad.

“We liked all the C’s involved in the name and C.C. passed me the puck tonight,” Carlo said. “Pretty cool.”

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