Here is where, how and when to watch the 2024 NHL Entry Draft

It’s a day circled on the calendars of all the fans who spent a season watching their team mostly lose: the 2024 NHL Entry Draft.

The silver lining of admitting you cheered for the San Jose Sharks, Chicago Blackhawks or Anaheim Ducks as they crashed out of realistic playoff contention before the Christmas decorations came down is that Friday night, your team picks one, two or three.

Montreal’s professional hockey team picks fifth, the highest of the Canadian teams, followed by the Ottawa Senators (seventh), Calgary Flames (ninth), Canadiens (21st), Toronto Maple Leafs (23rd), and Flames (28th).

The Winnipeg Jets’ first pick is in the second round (37th overall), as is the Edmonton Oilers (64th) and the Vancouver Canucks’ first pick is in the third round (93rd overall).

Where and when

The first two rounds of selections will be broadcast on TSN starting at 7 p.m. EST from Sphere in Las Vegas.

TSN 690 Radio will begin live coverage at 6 p.m. on Friday and 11 a.m. on Saturday when the following rounds begin.

The complete draft order can be found here.


Those wanting a cheat sheet heading into the draft should familiarize themselves with the following players, who were ranked the top 10 prospects on

  1. Macklin Celebrini, Centre, Canadian
  2. Artyom Levshunov, Defenceman, Belarussian
  3. Cayden Lindstrom, Centre, Canadian
  4. Zeev Buium, Defenceman, American
  5. Zayne Parekh, Defenceman, Canadian
  6. Trevor Connelly, Left wing, American
  7. Sam Dickinson, Defenceman, Canadian
  8. Berkly Catton, Centre, Canadian
  9. Tij Iginla, Centre, Canadian
  10. Michael Hage, Centre, Canadian 
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