Wedding photographer: Butterfly release doesn’t go as planned

In a moment that brought some to tears, a U.S. bride released more than a dozen butterflies in honour of her late father.

Video captured by Boston-area wedding photographer Brit Perkins showed the release of the monarchs, and what happened next.

Instead of flying away as expected, the butterflies stuck close — landing all over the bride’s wedding dress and her bouquet of flowers.

The butterflies also landed on her husband’s suit and her sister’s bouquet.

The wedding photographer who captured the heartwarming moment posted it to social media. The video and still images show that even with the bride moving around, waving and waking, many of the butterflies stuck by her side.

The video has amassed more than 24 million views, with commenters posting that they believe the butterflies were her father “hugging her” and giving his blessing, and writing that they were brought to tears.

“Needless to say I don’t think there was a dry eye at this beautiful ceremony,” read the caption on the photos posted by the photographer.

A post by the bride said “it was a sign I had hoped for, but never truly expected in such a magical way.”

“To see those butterflies landing on my dress, over my husband’s heart, and on my sister’s bouquet was a breathtaking reminder that my Dad is with us, watching over us, and blessing our union from above,” she added.

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